CAC 40 Perf Jour Perf Ytd
6647.31 -0.2% -7.07%
Diversifiés / Flexibles Perf. YTD
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BDL Rempart 13.83%
Ruffer Total Return International 3.95%
H2O Moderato 2.86%
Lazard Patrimoine SRI 2.00%
First Eagle Amundi International Fund -1.62%
M&G (Lux) Dynamic Allocation Fund -2.09%
Moneta Long Short -2.53%
Eurose -2.66%
MAM Solution -3.96%
CPR Croissance Réactive -4.05%
Dorval Global Convictions Patrimoine -4.12%
Clartan Valeurs -4.69%
GF Ambition Solidaire -4.83%
Tailor Allocation Defensive -5.05%
Sextant Grand Large -5.28%
Auris Diversified Beta -5.45%
Ethna-Aktiv -5.94%
Dorval Convictions -6.22%
Ginjer Actifs 360 -7.16%
Dorval Global Convictions -7.20%
Echiquier Allocation Flexible -7.65%
R-co Conviction Club -7.66%
R-co Valor -7.85%
Nordea 1 - Stable Return -8.04%
Trusteam ROC Flex -8.27%
Vivienne Ouessant -8.36%
Threadneedle (Lux) Euro Dynamic Real Return -8.46%
Echiquier ARTY SRI -8.47%
Tikehau International Cross Assets -8.66%
Carmignac Patrimoine -9.32%
Richelieu Harmonies ESG -9.80%
ODDO BHF Exklusiv : Polaris Balanced -9.88%
ACATIS Value Event -9.89%
Sycomore Next Generation -10.18%
R-co Valor Balanced -10.23%
VEGA Patrimoine ISR -10.54%
VEGA Euro Rendement ISR -10.58%
IDE Dynamic World Flexible -10.87%
BNY Mellon Global Real Return Fund (EUR) -10.96%
BGF ESG Multi-Asset -10.97%
Ethna-Dynamisch -10.99%
VEGA Modéré Durable -11.88%
JPM Global Macro Opportunities -12.07%
Gay-Lussac Europe Flex -12.08%
PIMCO GIS Dynamic Multi-Asset Fund -12.39%
Invest Latitude Patrimoine -12.42%
Carmignac Portfolio Patrimoine Europe -12.82%
Russell Inv. MAGS -12.83%
Tailor Global Selection ISR -12.93%
DNCA Evolutif -13.34%
JPMorgan Global Income -13.40%
Ecofi Agir Pour Le Climat -14.01%
OFI RS MultiTrack -14.43%
NN (L) Patrimonial Balanced European Sustainable -15.06%
AXA WF Global Optimal Income -16.42%
Jupiter Global Ecology Diversified -16.83%
Mansartis Investissements ISR -19.36%
Invest Latitude Equilibre -19.75%
OPCVM Actions Perf. YTD
Cliquer sur un fonds de la sélection H24
EdR Fund US Value 14.66%
Piquemal Houghton Global Equities 7.56%
SLF (LUX) Equity ESG Global High Dividend 2.51%
EdR Fund Healthcare 0.34%
JPMorgan Global Healthcare 0.27%
M&G (Lux) Global Dividend Fund -0.16%
M&G (Lux) Global Listed Infrastructure Fund -0.53%
Templeton Global Climate Change Fund -5.14%
CM-AM Global Gold -5.27%
M&G (Lux) Global Themes Fund -5.64%
Valeur Intrinsèque -5.71%
EdR Fund Big Data -8.40%
Russell Inv. World Equity Fund -8.49%
CPR Invest - Food For Generations -8.94%
BNP Paribas Funds Smart Food -9.08%
MS INVF Global Brands -10.42%
ODDO BHF Future of Food -10.45%
Sanso Smart Climate -10.58%
Candriam Equities L Oncology Impact -11.04%
Mirova Global Environmental Equity -11.64%
Echiquier World Equity Growth -11.95%
M&G (Lux) Positive Impact Fund -11.98%
ODDO BHF Green Planet -12.47%
GIS SRI Ageing Population -12.59%
Thematics Water -12.99%
M Climate Solutions -13.02%
CPR Silver Age -13.08%
La Française Inflection Point Carbon Impact Global -13.32%
Ofi Invest ISR Grandes Marques -13.44%
Fourpoints Thematic Selection -13.56%
Aperture European Innovation -13.64%
BNP Paribas Aqua -14.46%
Fidelity Global Technology -14.53%
Pictet Water -14.70%
Mandarine Global Microcap -15.32%
G Fund World (R) Evolutions -15.34%
Jupiter Global Ecology Growth -15.38%
Templeton Asian Growth Fund -15.93%
Carmignac Investissement -15.99%
Pictet-Clean Energy -16.10%
Mandarine Global Transition -16.17%
DNCA Invest Beyond Semperosa -16.18%
Pictet - Global Environmental Opportunities -16.27%
Mirova Global Sustainable Equity -16.39%
Comgest Monde -17.03%
Richelieu America ESG -17.18%
Janus Henderson Horizon Global Sustainable Equity Fund -17.81%
CM-AM Global Leaders -18.26%
Pictet Global Megatrend Selection -18.68%
BGF Sustainable Energy -18.82%
BNP Paribas Climate Impact -19.09%
NN (L) Global Equity Impact Opportunities -19.39%
Thematics Subscription Economy -20.28%
Candriam EQ L Europe Innovation -20.29%
Loomis Sayles U.S. Growth -20.43%
Fidelity Sustainable Water & Waste -20.97%
Threadneedle (Lux) American Fund -21.67%
Thematics Meta -21.73%
OFI Invest US Equity -21.95%
AXA WF ACT Social Progress -21.95%
BNP Paribas Funds Disruptive Technology -22.37%
JPM China A-Share Opportunities -22.96%
Russell Inv. China Equity -23.01%
GemEquity -23.50%
Thematics AI and Robotics -24.11%
BNP Paribas Funds China Equity -24.66%
Athymis Millennial -24.73%
Pictet Security -25.78%
Legg Mason Martin Currie Global Long-Term Unconstrained Fund -25.91%
Digital Stars Europe -26.24%
DNCA Invest Beyond Global Leaders -26.38%
MainFirst Global Equities Fund -26.40%
AXA WF Framlington Robotech -27.56%
Thematics Safety -28.32%
Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund -29.71%
BNP Paribas Energy Transition -30.44%
Berenberg European Focus -30.75%
Pictet Digital -30.88%
AXA Aedificandi -32.19%
Goldman Sachs Global Millennials Equity Portfolio -32.71%
CPR Global Disruptive Opportunities -34.02%
MS INVF Global Opportunity -36.85%
Franklin Technology Fund -38.02%
CM-AM Pierre -41.47%
AXA WF Framlington Digital Economy -41.73%
BGF World Technology -42.86%
Echiquier World Next Leaders -44.75%
BNY Mellon Blockchain Innovation Fund -48.17%
Echiquier Artificial Intelligence -51.86%
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Un hommage unanime...

Plusieurs personnalités et sociétés du métier réagissent à l'actualité.



En tant que dirigeant...


Valérie Baudson, Directrice générale d’Amundi

On behalf of Amundi, I join with everyone around the world in paying tribute to the Queen Elisabeth II, her leadership and extraordinary lifetime of commitment to public service and dedication to her people.

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, CEO de Candriam

I was deeply saddened by the news yesterday evening on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. An extraordinary life of service and duty. Her commitment to leadership was an inspiration to us all. On behalf of my colleagues at Candriam, I offer my deepest condolences to His Majesty the King and all members of the Royal Family and the British people. May she rest in peace.

Maxime Carmignac, Directeur Général Carmignac UK

All of us at Carmignac are deeply saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She was a true inspiration to people the world over and her legacy will be remembered across the globe.

Frédéric Oudéa, Directeur général de Société Générale

I express my sincere condolences to our colleagues and the people of Great Britain. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II embodied the strength of the British nation for over 70 years. She left an indelible mark on her century always acting with strength, dignity and constancy.

Marco Morelli, Président éxécutif d'Axa IM

Sad to hear the news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. During her long reign she brought comfort to the lives of many, always leading with a strong and unwavering sense of duty, and with the respect and loyalty of people across the globe.


... ou en tant que personne morale...


Fidelity International

We are deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. On behalf of all at Fidelity we offer our deepest condolences to the Royal Family. For many, she has been a steadfast figurehead for as long as we can remember. She will be remembered for her loyalty, sense of duty and for dedicating her remarkable life to the service of others.

Muzinich & Co

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her sense of duty, service and professionalism was inspirational, and our thoughts are with The Royal Family at this sad time.


We are deeply saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and join the Royal Family, the nation, the Commonwealth and the world in mourning.

Russell Investments

We extend our deepest sympathies to Royal family, the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth nations, and the world as we join them in mourning the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Natixis IM

At Natixis Investment Managers, we are deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We join the United Kingdom and rest of the world in mourning her loss, and in remembering her immeasurable legacy as the longest reigning British monarch. Our condolences go to the Royal Family at this very difficult time.


... ou même en passant son logo en noir & blanc.


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Centifolia -1.05%
Echiquier Value Euro -1.44%
Axiom European Banks Equity -1.62%
Quadrige France Smallcaps -4.91%
Tocqueville Value Europe ISR -5.52%
Dorval Manageurs -5.64%
BDL Convictions -5.74%
Dorval Manageurs Europe -6.20%
Moneta Multi Caps -6.92%
R-co Conviction Equity Value Euro -7.62%
EdR SICAV Tricolore Rendement -8.52%
Tocqueville France ISR -9.58%
Montségur Dividendes -10.21%
Sycomore Francecap -10.51%
CPR Croissance Dynamique -10.61%
Indépendance et Expansion Europe Small -11.15%
Indépendance et Expansion France Small -11.25%
EdR SICAV Euro Sustainable Equity -12.40%
Generali France Future Leaders -12.73%
Montségur Croissance -13.58%
MAM Premium Europe -13.89%
Lazard Small Caps France -13.96%
VEGA France Opportunités ISR -14.32%
Sycomore Europe Eco Solutions -14.38%
Sextant PME -15.27%
Fidelity Europe -15.78%
DNCA Invest Archer Mid-Cap Europe -16.38%
Threadneedle (Lux) Pan European ESG Equities -16.83%
C-Quadrat Europe Smallcap -16.92%
Sycomore Europe Happy @ Work -17.45%
R-co Thematic Silver Plus -18.04%
Clartan Ethos ESG Europe Small & Mid Cap -18.34%
Norden SRI -18.47%
Auris - Evolution Europe ISR -18.50%
OFI RS Equity Climate Change -18.60%
Mirova Europe Environmental Equity -18.93%
Tailor Actions Avenir ISR -19.11%
Gay-Lussac Green Impact -19.22%
Sycomore Sélection Midcap -19.50%
La Française Actions France PME -19.56%
Echiquier Positive Impact Europe -19.71%
Dorval Manageurs Small Cap Euro -19.83%
Mandarine Social Leaders -19.84%
FCP Mon PEA -20.14%
Pluvalca Sustainable Opportunities -20.59%
Richelieu Family Small Cap -21.40%
LFR Euro Développement Durable ISR -21.52%
Athymis Trendsetters Europe -21.99%
Quadrator SRI -22.11%
ELEVA Leaders Small & Mid Cap Europe -22.55%
AXA IM Euro Sélection -22.73%
Erasmus Mid Cap Euro -22.91%
Mandarine Europe Microcap -23.16%
Erasmus Small Cap Euro -23.96%
Eiffel Nova Europe ISR -24.89%
Mandarine Unique -24.93%
MainFirst Germany Fund -26.56%
Amplegest Pricing Power -26.96%
Uzès WWW Perf -30.14%
DNCA Invest SRI Norden Europe -30.86%
COGEFI Prospective -31.06%
Groupama Avenir Euro -33.37%
Pluvalca Disruptive Opportunities -33.75%
Pluvalca Health Opportunities -34.17%
LONVIA Avenir Mid-Cap Europe -36.28%
G Fund - Avenir Small Cap -38.98%
OPCVM Obligations Convertibles Perf. YTD
Cliquer sur un fonds de la sélection H24
M Global Convertibles SRI -13.84%
Lazard Convertible Global -15.29%